Thursday, September 8, 2016

C.Douglas: The Mind of an Artist | Sahapedia article

A specific analogy that Baudrillard uses is a fable derived from On Exactitude in Science by Jorge Luis Borges. In it, a great Empire created a map that was so detailed it was as large as the Empire itself. The actual map was expanded and destroyed as the Empire itself conquered or lost territory. When the Empire crumbled, all that was left was the map. In Baudrillard's rendition, it is conversely the map that people live in, the simulation of reality where the people of Empire spend their lives ensuring their place in the representation is properly circumscribed and detailed by the map-makers; conversely, it is the reality that is crumbling away from disuse. Douglas would say half-jokingly, 'We will all die looking at our photographs.' - Read the full article at: 

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